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Enhancing the customer experience
during interactions with your staff is our specialty.

Since 1993, Strategic Training Solutions (STS) has partnered with many of the most prestigious healthcare & service organizations to create a wide range of service improvement solutions.  Identifying, teaching, and reinforcing the service behaviors required to meet & exceed the expectations of all customer groups is the goal of our work. 

STS provides training solutions based on solid instructional design principles which target sustained performance change. We leverage our instructional design expertise, exceptional facilitation skills, and our deep healthcare industry experience to design and deliver relevant, timely, high-quality skill-development opportunities.

Our solutions are designed to ensure that employees at all levels of your organization acquire the interpersonal effectiveness skills to create, foster, and sustain an increased service capability.

The results of our work:

Your organization will be rewarded with increased individual and team competence, confidence, and sustained performance centered on a patient and family-focused culture.


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A good idea can propel an organization to greatness and create profound change. We're committed to helping our clients find new ideas to solve their most difficult challenges and create lasting value.

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