The BESTCARE© Training System

Enhancing patient, physician, and employee satisfaction by promoting and ensuring a culture of service excellence.

The BESTCARE© Training System is two-phased approach to building a higher level of employee buy-in to the need for communication skills training.  The training system is designed as two distinct programs to diffuse the two biggest barriers encountered faced when trying to implement communication skills training:  Staff believe that…

  1. This is going to be charm school and a waste of my time
  2. I am already doing this” as held by almost every clinician and staff member that enters the training room

BEST Communication Strategies a highly interactive, enjoyable session that reveals each learners preferred communication style.  Once understood, it sets the stage for acceptance.  Acceptance that perhaps there are other ways to behave; acceptance that there may be natural skill deficits
  that are a function of the communication style versus them personally.  The outcome is a higher level of alignment to the need for skills training (Connecting With Care).

Connecting With CARE the skills-based program.   A key opportunity is presented when participants have attended the BEST program:  each training session will be segregated according to their
  tBEST “type” since the natural skill deficits will be common amongst those learners.

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