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Roel Fockens
New Venture Integration Program Manager
Philips Electronics (Health & Wellbeing industry)

Dynamic Supply Chains: Delivering value through people

This is a great book in that it is non-traditional in supply chain management books.  It reads as more of a “How to set your organization up to be a winner now and in the years to come.”
Instead of focusing on tools, technology, processes or equipment (the more technical side of supply chain), it’s a paradigm shift.  Gattorna suggests different types of supply chains shaped by different types of customer behavior, with customer segmentation as the core of setting up your whole business.  Gattorna places equal emphasis on the human element that makes the difference between success and failure.  He incorporates a clear picture of the role that people and culture play in supply chain management.
The premise of the book is that leadership must understand and have empathy with the marketplace.  It needs to develop the appropriate value propositions or strategies to serve customers and develop the corresponding subcultures inside the organization. This concept of dynamic alignment is one of the most significant emerging business models today. It is relevant to enterprise supply chains because businesses are in effect just an aggregation of all the supply chains running through them – and between the parties upstream and downstream.

People, organizations, customers, and suppliers can and will change their behaviors.  This book shows how to keep stakeholders (customers and suppliers) and your own organization aligned with each other utilizing a behavioral & segmentation model. His insight and vision can help companies realize the potential benefits of designing and executing supply chains to deliver the service that customers need, while matching the need for balance between effectiveness and efficiency.

Thinking of where the framework of the book could be applied within Philips triggered the idea of using behavioral segmentation and alignment inside my own department, Philips New Venture Integration.  We have just started using a communication styles model which is based on work of Carl Jung – the same body of work that John Gattorna uses.  It has helped link the communication style framework (that most managers and leadership know) with real-life company processes.

This book is an exciting read and a high recommendation to my business network and colleagues!


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