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Leadership Development

Supervisory & Management Capacity Building

People are often promoted to positions of leadership and supervision as a result of their job function expertise and/or high performance in their current role.  Leading and supervising people effectively, however, often requires a separate set of knowledge and skills.  What led to success in a previous role, may not be enough to ensure success as a leader or manager.

Supervisory leadership development processes can help supervisors continue to build skills, comfort, and confidence in their role as a leader.

Below are examples of supervisory leadership development objectives:

  • Learn techniques for setting clear performance expectations with employees
  • Develop effective communication skills for giving feedback
  • Learn skills for coaching and mentoring employees
  • Be able to use effective meeting facilitation processes and skills
  • Enhance time and project management practices
  • Develop strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Learn strategies for recognizing and rewarding employees
  • Be able to apply strategies for managing change and conflict