STS Consulting Services

Strategic Meeting / Retreat Facilitation

Focused strategic meetings and retreats can be an excellent way to capitalize on the collective wisdom of a group.  Without effective facilitation, however, these can become mundane and unproductive.  STS OD consultants are trained at the art of facilitation and can help to design and implement processes that maximize group input and participation, maintain a clear focus on the meeting’s intended purpose, and continuously move the group toward actionable and quality outcomes.

A key advantage to having our consultants facilitate your meetings / retreats is the opportunity for the team leader to step out of the role of running the meeting and instead be able to participate fully in the process. 

Below are examples of the types of meetings and/or retreats that could benefit from the utilization of an STS OD facilitator

  • Group brainstorming and idea generation
  • Strategic visioning and goal setting
  • Development of shared agreements about group process and team standards
  • Clarification of critical issues, needs, and/or untapped opportunities
  • Gathering employee input on key decisions
  • Analysis and redesign of work processes