STS Consulting Services

Needs Assessment & Performance Analysis

A distinct STS competitive advantage is our strategic approach to the needs analysis process.  Our performance-based approach maximizes your training investment by targeting those areas in greatest need of development.  This is achieved by measuring both their importance in attaining strategic business goals as well as the current proficiency levels of the incumbent workforce.

Unlike other consulting firms who focus exclusively on the training program content (often operating in a vacuum), STS targets three primary areas:  Strategic Business needs, Performance needs, and Training needs.  Business needs are the strategic short and long-term goals for the unit, department, or organization.  Once these goals have been identified, analysis of the required performance to meet those business goals follows.  With specific performance goals in place, a gap analysis is then conducted between the desired performance and current performance. 

Instructional designers
will design interventions aimed at bridging the performance gap; thereby closing the loop by tying program design back to organizational goals and business needs.

This process will ultimately drive the organization’s bottom-line performance improvement.

Below are examples of what we provide to clients during the needs analysis process:

  • Strategies for analyzing individual or organizational behavior
  • Performance “gap" analysis to identify the current skills, knowledge, and abilities of your people, and the organizational and personal needs for OD / training activities
  • Tools to measure individual, work group, or organizational performance discrepancies
  • Recommendations for needed change in individual, work group or organizational performance

Measurable and behavioral definitions and descriptions of desired individuals and group performance requirements