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Competency Model Development

When defining an organization’s service culture, explicit performance expectations/requirements are essential.  These expectations need to be understood and permanently integrated in our daily interaction with colleagues, patients, and visitors.  Performance expectations are further stratified within the competencies into three categories:  Exemplary / Acceptable/ Unacceptable

Competency models are behavior-based performance standards against which people and units can be aligned and measured.  They provide a tangible and clearly defined behavioral vision for the kinds of performance required. 

Below are examples of the enormous strategic value competency models provide as performance improvement vehicles. 

  • They make explicit the clusters of knowledge, behavioral skills, and personal attributes that lead to high performance in specific jobs and roles.  
  • They embody the core values of a business, aiding in the communication of these values throughout the organization and helping to shape and align a customer service culture and to deliver a predictably consistent patient experience across the organization. 
  • Competency models help employees understand the apparent contradictions of the evolving healthcare industry, such as the need for strong technical/clinical skills and the need for strong interpersonal skills. 
  • They serve as a quick reference tool for performance evaluations and coaching conversations.