STS Consulting Services

Curriculum and Instructional Design

The unique skill that an instructional designer possesses, that trainers, SMEs, programmers, technical writers, and so on don’t, is the ability to systematically break down content so that it is applicable to learners and their learning styles. 

Instructional design involves the deliberate application of specific instructional strategies and tactics to facilitate the learning process in a manner that is as efficient as possible for both initial learning and long term retention. 

Our designers construct learning interventions specifically geared to close the performance gap.  Our design approach is fairly unique in that we prefer to take a narrow slice of the service improvement process and drill deeply into skill building.  We employ a three phased model skill building into each of our programs:  Skill Acquisition - Skill Demonstration - Skill Application as a way to drive a more efficient and more sustainable level of skill development.

Below are some of the ways our designers work with clients

  • Assess client’s existing curriculum and specific courses to update / enhance to drive a higher level of skill acquisition and transfer
  • Design supporting / reinforcement learning tools to support client’s current curriculum
  • Conduct the high-level instructional design for curriculum planning and/or course design to ensure integrity in designs and then turn project over to client’s in-house training or OD group for the development phase of the individual courses.
  • Develop individual training programs to enhance a client’s existing curriculum
  • Build entire service curriculum, courses, reinforcement materials and then conduct a train-the-trainer to enable client to bring the training “in-house”