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...what Service Excellence means within your organization ensures a single, shared and consistent interpretation across your management and employee teams.  This then provides the foundation upon which to build a strong service culture. 

  STS Tool for Success: Customer Service Competency Model 
  To help you to do this, STS creates a competency model which reflects your unique service culture your service culture and then build out practical, easy to use tools such as the Manager’s Toolkit.



...employees what to say ensures a predictably positive experience for your patients and their families.   Support staff by equipping them with the words to use in the form of communication guides.   This results in higher levels of consistency in the information being provided to your patients and families across departments.

  STS Tool for Success: Customer CARE Scripting Guides
  To help you, STS instructional designers create Scripting Guides for your employees’ most commonly faced challenging situations.  We employee our memorable, step-by-step CARE Communication model.  Guides are viewed by staff as value “answer keys”


...newly acquired skills is a key step in ensuring learning continues beyond the classroom.  It is an established fact that with adult learners, almost 80% of information is lost within 30 days if it is not reinforced in some way.  

  STS Tool for Success: Keeping Skills Alive mini-modules
  To help you, STS authors quick hit 30-minute training modules for managers to use during monthly meetings as a way to continue staff development.  We provide your managers with step-by-step instructions, detailed speaker notes, as well as all of the handouts necessary.  This also serves to showcase your managers’ commitment to service excellence.

  STS Tool for Success: BEST Quick Reference Guide
  To help learners after attending the BEST Communication Course, STS provides colorful, easy to read laminated job aids to serve as quick reference guides.


Workshop resources

Please find the recources we have used during our workshops below.

  Ice Breakers and Energizers
  Meeting Facilitation
Best Practices & Talking Tips



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